Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Daylight Savings it or leave it

Okay, we here in Ohio and a lot of other states have made the jump into daylight savings time. I have to say I’m a fan mostly because it heralds the jump into spring and the promise of all things green and colorful and away from grays and dismal. It also gives more light at night.

I think daylight savings time was invented during the push to save energy and honestly we should all do that but non scientific and eco reason is that it also gives us more time at night to play. I love getting out of work at the Snooty Fox...a consignment eight-thirty and it still is light when I get home.

Daylight savings time is really good for my mental state. I’m one of those sun freaks that the more sun the better. Night is great in that it’s all kind of magical and mysterious and dark is good for sleeping but give me the sun and with daylight savings there is simply more of it...or more that is useable.

I know this is hard for parents. I remember the days when trying to get my toddlers to bed at eight and it was still light out. It was a tough sell to get them to sleep. But now that they are older they love dst as much as I do.

If I had my way we’d be on dst all the year round! I think a candidate could run on this issue alone and win!

So what about you? Does your state partake in daylight savings? Do you love it or hate it? Are you with me in making dst an all year round event? 

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