Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Thanks a Ton!!

Hi, Duffy Brown here talking about saying Thanks! 

Some things are a dying art or maybe more of a tradition that we really shouldn’t let die. One of those IMHO is the Thank You note and Jimmy Fallon does a really kickass job of this.

We all need to say thanks and sometimes it should be more than just an email or text. When my kids were around thirteen I bought them note stationery with their initials embossed on the front in hopes that would get them to write more. Yeah right. It takes more than stationery. I found that “you are not watching TV or getting dessert till you write that note!” worked much better.

Yet I think most of those cards wound up in the trash when they moved out of the house but they do write notes more than I thought. I guess something rubbed off more than their love of desserts.

I do write a few Thank You notes once in a while. Not as many as I should. I have cute note cards that are scenes of books and libraries.

There are a lot of people I should say Thanks to that I don’t. I do remember the mail-gal at Christmas, Thank You for brining my mail to the door when there’s a lot of it. Thank You to the garbage guys who take away all the mess in my house, Thank You to the plumber who showed up on time and stopped the stupid toilet from running and killing my sleep.

So what about you? Who would you like to Thank? Someone or maybe something??? 

I’d like to Thank my dishwasher for saving me from dish-pan hands, my washing machine for getting things bright and white, and my Dyson vacuum who has saved my back from lugging heavy vacuums up the steps.  

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