Thursday, February 9, 2017

Decorating for Valentine's Day

by Karen Rose Smith

I like to decorate for Valentine's Day because it's one of my favorite holidays.  My husband and I have celebrated it together since our college days and our 45 year marriage.  In the middle of a Pennsylvania winter, pink, red and white brighten up inside and outside.  That let-down after the holidays doesn't seem so bad when I have another holiday to look forward to.

I always begin with the door since that can cheer up others too.  The flag is next.

Inside, I find bargains on flowers from the grocery store that always give some cheer to any room.

Even the cats enjoy the holiday when I pull out Valentine's Day throws for the bed.  (I keep throws on top of the spread so I can wash them often.)  Walmart has been having holiday throws for $2.50 since summer.  The cats like their softness and I like the color.

I probably had so much fun writing a Valentine's Day mystery because of my fondness for the holiday.  My sleuth, Caprice De Luca, is a home stager who uses unique themes for high end clients when she stages their home to sell.  In GILT BY ASSOCIATION, her theme Hearts and Flowers fit the home perfectly.  It was already decorated in "pretty" mixed with "elegant"--lace curtains, gilt-edged mirrors, heart-shaped pillows and damask covered furniture. In addition, her client was a gardener and grew her own flowers.  GILT BY ASSOCIATION has a murder mystery to solve along with a touch of romance mixed in.

Do You Decorate for Valentine's Day???

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