Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Another Winner---VICTORIA

by Maggie Sefton

You folks know how much I enjoyed the PBS series "Downton Abbey."  I have actually
lost count of all the PBS Masterpiece Theatre productions I have loved.   Years and years worth.  So, naturally I made it a point to start watching the new PBS series that started only a few weeks ago on the life of Great Britain's Queen Victoria.  She had a very long reign on the British throne during a fascinating time in history, and by many accounts was the "most powerful woman in the world," as described by PBS.  The actress Jenna Coleman portrays the young Victoria.  This is a wonderful productions, true to all the quality standards that PBS series are known for.  Also, the supporting cast is excellent, especially Rufus Sewell who plays Lord Melbourne, a close friend and advisor as well as an influential Prime Minister.  Even if you've never tried a PBS historical drama before, you might want to check out this.  "Victoria" is definitely a jewel.

Some movies I've seen recently (I took a break last weekend) are also well-worth checking out:  ARRIVAL is an excellent story that focuses on the communication problems with a totally alien life-form when a large space ship suddenly appears suspended over many populated cities around the world.  This has an intelligent script that is engaging as well as supremely entertaining.

HIDDEN FIGURES is a wonderful true story about several of the most important female mathematicians who contributed to NASA's early space exploration, especially including the astronauts, like John Glenn, who was the first to orbit the earth in one of our early spacecraft.

SING is a hilarious and totally enjoyable animated feature about various animals in one cosmopolitan city who enter a singing competition.  This movie is laugh-out-loud funny.  Believe me, you won't regret seeing it.

PASSENGERS is another outer space oriented film, but this one focuses on two human passengers in a future time who wake up early from their scheduled "deep sleep" designed to keep them asleep until they arrive at the planet which is several decades ahead in scheduled travel time.  This is another thoughtful script which explores the shock and challenge encountered by the man and woman passengers who have to discover how to handle the shock of their early awakening.

Totally entertaining movies, folks.  Check into them and try them out if you are so inclined.  Enjoy!

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