Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This place is a dump!

I’m always so careful to tell in my books what the characters homes look like.

Reagan lives in an old Victorian with the first floor turned into a consignment shop. The dining room has a chandelier and the drapes from when it was an actual dining room but now there are racks of dresses, jackets, blouses and with the dining room table a display for hats, jewelry, purses.

Evie lives with her bike shop on Mackinac Island meaning the shop is in the front, kitchen in back and bedrooms upstairs with a porch off one side that overlooks the Lake Michigan.
I know where my characters, can see it in my brain so clear, but what about where I live? Sometimes I just don’t notice.

January is a gloomy month. I’m trapped inside and I look around
and think this place is a dump!

I need to paint the bedroom, and that rug is a million years old and just plain ugly and how can I live with towels with spots, dishtowels that so worn out and my pots and pans would be condemned by the board of health.

The pots and pans thing got taken care of at Christmas with my kids giving me new Alclad. Since I cook dinner with them every Sunday they figure it was in their interest to get me nice cooking stuff.

Then there’s my towels. I have company coming and it would be nice to give them matching sets that do not have bleach spots or dye spots from when I do my hair and the dye gets all over everything.

So now I’m in fix-it-up hell. New rug, new paint, new couch. What about you? Is January your month to get the place in shape?

I’ll give away a Lethal In Old Lace tote with pink feather boa from the answers just to liven things up. 

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