Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Flavored Coffee Craze

by Karen Rose Smith

I first experienced flavored coffee when we went to a restaurant for an occasion like a birthday or anniversary and I would order a specialty drink.  Somehow, that topped off the occasion.  I soon figured out my favorite--chocolate mocha.  In the past few years I realized I could buy flavored coffee for the coffee maker--from peach flavored to blackberry brandy!  I enjoyed them but my husband didn't.  He likes plain coffee.  So most of the pot would be wasted.

One year for our anniversary my husband gave me a one-cup-at-a-time coffee maker.  That opened up a whole world of flavored coffees from French vanilla to orange chocolate to Kahlua! Even when we have guests for dinner, the individual cups make them feel special when they can choose the coffee they prefer.  (My pantry has the aroma of coffee from the boxes of it there!)

I have a new favorite and I admit I can only find it when we go out to eat or stop at Starbucks--salted caramel mocha latte. I'm sure that a company will come up with that flavor soon.

Do you drink flavored coffee?  What's your favorite?

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