Monday, January 9, 2017


By Mary Kennedy                                 
Good-bye! Adieu! A bientot! Breaking up is hard to do, but I'm saying good-bye to carbs for the next 4 weeks. But don't shed a tear for me, I'm not saying farewell to *all* carbs, just bad carbs.
And we all know what they are, right? I'm ditching anything made with flour, sugar, corn syrup, molasses. No noodles, no pasta, no rice, no sweets of any type, and of course, no bread, rolls or pizza. (Unless it's the pizza crust you can make with "cauliflower rice" and I have to admit I've never gotten up the energy to try it.)
In case anyone has a burning urge to make pizza  crust with cauliflower rice, you can just put raw cauliflower in the blender or food processor in small batches until it looks like rice.                                      
Or (easier) just a buy a bag in the frozen veggie section at the supermarket.
You can find directions online for a pizza crust made out of "cauliflower rice." Not sure how much it resembles the real thing.
I'll be eating good carbs, of course, and we all know what they are. Fresh veggies, for example, but nothing starchy like potatoes in any form. (Yes, I know this is a downer.)
Since I'm a big fan of veggie burgers, I'll be making "cloud buns" to go with them. Have you tried cloud buns? My recipe makes 8, but you really need 2 per sandwich as it is practically impossible to cut them in half.
 They have zero carbs and are 80 calories for two buns. Sometimes I just use one bun for an open-faced sandwich. This is what they look like and they're good for those times when you are dying for a piece of bread! They're about the size of a McDonald's hamburger roll.
Here's how you make them. They're super easy and have two ingredients, eggs and cream cheese. Oh, and 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar if you have it.
Recipe: separate 4 eggs, add cream of tartar to the egg whites and then beat the egg whites 4 minutes until they stand in stiff peaks. Beat egg yolks in a separate bowl, add 2 tablespoons cream cheese (you can also use cottage cheese if you prefer) to the egg yolks. Beat until well blended.
Next, carefully fold in the liquid yolk mixture into the egg whites. Do this a little at a time, do not overbeat.  Fold. don't stir!
Place big globs of the mixture on an ungreased cookie sheet. It should make 8 buns. Bake in pre-heated 300 degree oven for about 15 minutes, but keep checking. They should be golden on top, like the ones pictured. When cool, keep in a plastic bag in the fridge. After a few hours, they take on a "bread-like" texture. No, they don't taste exactly like a real piece of bread, but you knew that, right?
I've gotten used to them (they're not to everyone's taste) and I eat them in the morning as an egg beater sandwich with a veggie sausage patty. Or at lunch with a veggie burger, lettuce and tomato etc. Give them a try and see what you think! And if you decide to take the no-carb challenge with me, welcome aboard.
Bon appetit!
Mary Kennedy

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