Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Old Clothes

by Maggie Sefton

Below is the only photo I could find showing the Old Faithful coat.  I was taking Katy to the Vet.   

Do you have old clothes in your closet?  Garments that are way past new but are comfy or useful?  I do.  And today, I took the most versatile, useful "older" garment to a great seamstress my friends alerted me to years ago.  She can do just about any alternation or repair you can think of.  Once she completely re-designed a pair of black pants from baggy to sleek and perfect for wearing with all kinds of winter and fall sweaters and tops.

Today I took my old----and I do mean old----winter coat to her.  The zipper had finally started to fray at the end where it joins with the other side of the coat.  Plus, the lining of some of the pockets had started to fray and needs to be replaced.  That zipper is a long one, because the coat is a below the hips.  Try finding something really warm and comfy like that in the stores now.  I've looked, and it's nowhere to be found.  Not in department stores or specialty stores or fashion stores.  That's just another reason to repair rather than throw away.  I also have a lot of Scottish ancestors mixed in with all the English and Irish ones, and I can picture them wagging fingers and advising me to be thrifty.

Of course I have a newer everyday winter coat to wear when the weather changes and chill winds start to blow and snow starts to fall.  It's versatile and warm, and I wear it all the time.  But---the Old Faithful coat hangs in the front closet because it's so useful.  It's thicker than the newer coats made today, and keeps me warmer whenever those temps drop low.   In years past when we've had some cold winter weather, there was room beneath Old Faithful for me to "layer up", as we say out here in Colorado.  This winter, however, has been milder and not as cold.  Temps will dip down low for a couple of days, then scoot right back to the 40s, 50s, and even the 60s.   But, February is waiting around the corner.  Who knows what kind of Winter Weather it will bring?  Maybe a blizzard is out there lurking, just waiting to strike.      Do you have any old favorites in your closet?   

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