Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Looking Back Over 2016

by Maggie Sefton

For my post Cozy Chicks Blog post today, I thought I would start of the New Year of
2017 by reviewing some memories of 2016 in photos.

All four of my daughters plus granddaughter Natale at her High School graduation this past June.  (I used to be taller.  Honest.  :)  )

I hope everyone had a happy or restful or colorful or exhausting New Year's Eve and
New Year's Day.  Since I had just returned from a week plus holiday vacation with friends and

family Back East, I really, really enjoyed choosing relaxation over exhausting for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

I'd like to take another Caribbean cruise this January or February like I did last year.  A great way to escape Old Man Winter.  Plus, I actually got a lot of writing done.  

Daughter Serena is a Doctor of Internal Medicine and a NASA Astronaut.  Our entire family had the chance to join her and watch the launch of Atlantis from Kennedy Space Center in Florida in 2011, the last launch of the Space Shuttle program.  

I will definitely attend the Novelist's Inc conference this Fall, as I have done the past several years.  It's held in a great hotel right on St. Pete's Beach in on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  

I'm hoping all of you have some ideas for new ideas for new activities or endeavors you would like to explore in 2017---even if that new idea is learning how to relax more.  Scheduling extra

time for yourself duiring the day, even if you use that extra time to take a nap.  Studies tell us that taking a short nap during the day helps us mentally.  So, share with us some of your new ideas.  I absolutely love hearing what new things our Readers and Fans are trying.

I wanted to add some more photos to this post, but Blogger got glitchy and refused to let me choose from Downloads.  So----I will post those photos next week.  :)  Meanwhile, start enjoying the New Year, Everyone!   

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