Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January Energy

by Maggie Sefton

January has always been a time for new ideas, at least it has been for me during my 30+ writing years.  I have started new writing projects in years past, took a six-month detour into non-fiction years ago----and I DO mean years ago---and taken up new  activities like cruising in the winter months.    Even though my Scottish ancestors urged me to save money this January and not cruise.  They're a bossy lot.    

I don't know why, but I've always felt a special kind of "energy" during this cold winter month.  Maybe it's because it IS cold and it IS winter.  Maybe that stimulates what I call "squirreling in" and writing new things.  A friend laughed when I used that squirrel reference once.  I guess it's because I can picture a squirrel, curled up in his nest high up in a tree, bushy tail wrapped around himself.  Or, maybe fictional Carl has transferred that image into my mind.  :)

Anyway----this January I'm starting Kelly Flynn #16, and readers will find some new things in the story.  Yes, this one will be the 16th Kelly mystery.  It's hard to believe.  Kelly first "stepped onstage" in my imagination back in the Fall of 2003.  Wow.  That's 14 years ago.  I am and have always been awed and overwhelmingly grateful to all the readers who have loved and supported Kelly and the Gang over the years.  I cannot fully express my gratitude.   Thank you, thank you.

Meanwhile, Kelly Flynn #15 will be released this coming June, entitled ONLY SKEIN DEEP.  I love that title.  My editor and her assistants came up with that one.  :)   Meanwhile, I hope everyone is enjoying their January----whether in your home reading, cruising the Caribbean as I was last year, or vacationing in some warmer clime.  Enjoy!  And keep reading.    

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