Monday, January 16, 2017


By Mary Kennedy
We all know the importance of routine vet check ups for our cats. As humans we know this, I mean. Our cats seem to have other ideas.
One look at the cat carrier, and all heck breaks loose. It's an immutable law of Physics that what goes in (cat into carrier) can come out. Ask any cat owner!
Damian was an absolute Houdini when I took him to the vets for his "well cat" exam last Monday. I finally managed to get him inside (but not without a herculean struggle). Like many cats, he was subdued but not too irate at the vets.
In fact, he was pretty well behaved.  Maybe he was intimidated. Here's Grumpy Cat (I think) at the vets. Like Damian, he seems to be compliant.
The moment we got home, I praised Damian for his good behavior and gave him cat treats. After an initial period of coolness ("I can't believe you stuffed me in a box and drove me to that awful place") he warmed up.
The real problem, my friends, began this past Friday. I did the unthinkable. I brought Damian to be neutered. I thought of explaining the procedure to him ahead of time, and figured some things should just be left unsaid. In some cases, ignorance really *is* bliss.
The procedure went well and Damian is safely home with me. But the feelings of hurt and betrayal in his heart rage on. How can I get back in his good graces?  
I'm thinking a nice selection of cat treats...
loads of belly rubs and maybe some new catnip mice.  And of course, my heartfelt apologies. With Damian, love doesn't mean you never have to say you're sorry.
Any ideas from my readers? Thank in advance, Mary PS It's day three and he is still giving me the cold shoulder.

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