Wednesday, January 18, 2017

For the birds...

Okay, it’s winter and there’s snow on the ground and not everyone has a home meaning deer, birds, get the picture. I feel sorry for these guys. It’s hard enough to be scrounging for food but in the winter it’s got to be the pits. Brush away the snow, eat frozen grass. Yuck!

All summer long I’m spraying to keep the deer off my plants. If I didn’t they’d level my yard in one night. I use that liquid fence stuff, string fishing line and yell a lot.

The yelling has no effect at all, though I have heard a deer or two chuckle, but the other two ideas work pretty well if I keep at it. Of course one rain and it’s back to spraying.

So here’s my question... Do I feed the critters or not? I’ve even heard not to feed the birds. I guess the reasoning is if you make it too easy they’ll forget how to hunt for seeds on their own. Actually I think this is crap. Birds will remember how to get their food if I do not hang out the Come And Get it feeder.

And when it really gets cold and the ground covered with snow I feel like I need to feed the deer. We can’t starve Bambi no matter how much havoc he/she causes me in the summer. Once I start feeding them the deer do get in a pattern and come though the yard and this will continue into the summer and then I’m back in the soup worse than ever with them eating my plants.

So what do you do? Do you feed the birds? The deer? Let them fend for themselves?

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