Monday, January 2, 2017


By Mary Kennedy
With a nod to the great author and animal welfare advocate, Cleveland Amory, I'm calling this blog, The Cat Who Came For Christmas. Cleveland Amory wrote a wonderful book with the same title and I hope everyone reads it.  I'm fortunate that I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Amory and we talked about the issues we both care so much about--the plight of animals in roadside zoos (or even big, mainstream zoos), the dreadful suffering of animals used as "entertainment," the pet overpopulation, weak animal cruelty laws and slap-on-the-wrist penalties for animal abuse, lack of spay/neuter facilities, and the unfortunate tendency for many people to think of animals as "disposable." 
When Damian showed up at my door a few days before Christmas, I naturally thought of Cleveland Amory. What was Damian's history? Was he lost, abandoned? As you can see from the photo, he is well fed, has glossy black fur and he's a friendly guy. I asked everyone in the neighborhood if they knew where he lived. I drew a blank! I called local animal shelters to see if anyone had reported missing him. No luck!
Here's what I've done so far. I've been feeding Damian twice a day on my front porch (which unfortunately is not shielded from the elements.). He turns up at 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. Like clockwork! What does he do the rest of the day? I have no idea. He disappears for parts unknown and comes back in all kinds of weather, even the pouring rain. (which tells me he doesn't have a reliable food source.)
So here's my new plan. I lured him onto my glassed in sun porch today for breakfast. He wasn't too happy with me and initially resisted. Once he got in, I closed the door.  However, he's since settled in and seems content to lounge around on the heated porch, watching the birds and squirrels.
 Is he dreaming about his own home, and wondering how to get back there? I have no idea. Anyway, he's secure out there, and I plan on taking him for a vet evaluation, neutered (if he hasn't already been), get his shots and see if he has a microchip.

After that, who knows? I'll keep everyone posted but just wanted you to meet Damian, the Cat Who Came For Christmas. (and stayed!)
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, now it's back to work for all of us.
Mary Kennedy

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