Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Up is fun...Down sucks.

Duffy Brown here wishing you a fantastic 2017!!

Okay, you put up the Christmas decorations now the big question is when to take them down. First off all it’s not nearly as much fun to take them down. Fact is, it’s a pain in the neck because it’s a lot of work and this means the holidays are over. Sob!

I start decorating the Friday after Thanksgiving and kind of put the decorations up in sections. Cut the tree on Friday and put up the outside decorations. Decorate the tree on Saturday with the family and then do each room the rest of the week tossing decorations that look tired and replace with new and just thinking how nice everything looks.

But taking down I do all at once. When I get in the mood it all comes down and out the door at once. I do this Jan 2. To me the holidays are over and the decorations look tired.

But then a few weeks later when driving around I see that some people keep their wreath up or a strand of lights or maybe a little lit tree on the porch and that looks really nice esp when it’s so dark and gloomy at night. And it kind of makes Christmas last a little longer.

So what about you? When do you start taking stuff down? Do you leave up a little tree? A strand or two of lights? A wreath on the door?

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