Monday, December 19, 2016


By Mary Kennedy
We all remember the popular Christmas song that begins with the words, "Oh, the weather outside is frightful..." And it ends happily with the upbeat hope, "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow."

Well, that's a lovely sentiment, but what happens when it doesn't snow? When the streets are coated with a thin sheet of ice, a drizzling rain makes everything soaked and gray, bleak skies look like something out of an Ingmar Bergman film?
If you live in the Northeast corridor, as I do, this is what was facing you this morning (and still is.)  Here is the view from my home office, which is actually a large (and very cluttered) corner bedroom. In good weather, it's sun-filled and filled with a golden light. Today...not so much. Take a look.


Not very inspiring, is it? I think a ton of white stuff would be preferable to this! It's just not the kind of weather that makes you want to bundle up in a nice parka, boots and mittens and go for a long bracing walk. (I'm so glad my pal, Lorraine Bartlett, told me be about DVD's on "house-walking." A great way to get exercise when you can't face going outdoors.) Here's another view from my office, not very inspiring, I'm sorry to say.


Even the kitties deserted the windowsills, they can't bear looking out at this stuff, either! It's much nicer to cuddle and sleep inside, away from the drizzly stuff and the slushy stuff.                                     

They've even deserted their beloved sun porch. I guess the view of the backyard is just too depressing. I put the heat on out there, but no one was tempted. Here's the sun porch last week, before this deluge of slush! It's usually a big favorite with the cats. The perfect spot to relax, sleep, cuddle and just chill. But today it's like a ghost town.

There's one bright spot. My Christmas cactus has started to bloom. It definitely adds a bright spot to the sunroom, and adds a bit of color.
  What do you on these dismal days? Do you huddle inside, catching up on chores? (or maybe binge watching your favorite Netflix show? Or reading the latest release in your favorite cozy series).  Or do you brave the elements and walk a couple of miles? Do you head for the kitchen and bake some cookies? Invite a pal over for cocoa in front of the fire?
The possibilities are endless, but I find myself longing for sunny days in Florida. With any luck, I'll be there in a few weeks, and all this slush will just be a memory! Here's the view from the deck of the Ft. Lauderdale condo. It inspires me...I'd love to know how you deal with these gray days, please share your secret!
Mary Kennedy


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