Monday, December 5, 2016


By Mary Kennedy                          

Some people love Christmas letters from friends. Other folks,  not so much. Maybe Christmas letters are an acquired taste? Even though I don't write them myself (preferring to jot little individualized notes inside Christmas cards), I do enjoy hearing from friends across the country.

I asked a dear friend for a few tips on writing Christmas letters (she writes marvelous ones) and here are her thoughts.

Rule #1. Don't leave anyone out! One year my friend accidentally left one of her six children off the "finished" draft that went out to friends. Oh no! She will never heard the end of it. This same rule applies to pets. Most people consider their pets part of the family (my cat, Oscar, pictured below, certainly does) so it's nice to include them.
You don't need to dress them up with Santa hats, just a line or two about how they're doing is fine. Of course, if your cat will tolerate a Santa hat, maybe that's not a bad thing. (Mine don't).
2. "Less is more." Don't make your Christmas letters overly long. People tend to stop reading after the first paragraph! So be sure to put the "good stuff" upfront. (like hitting the New York Times list after your 55th book!)
3. Be sure to have fun with the letter, go for humorous, if you like, and I guarantee your friends will enjoy it.
4. In this day of texting and e-mail, it's still nice to get a "paper" Christmas letter in the mail. I don't know why it just seems special, but it does.
5. Don't be afraid to try something different. One of my friends always includes a recipe with her Christmas letter. I've tried everyone of her recipes and they are invariably delish!
Have a great holiday!!
Mary Kennedy

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