Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Chicks and Friends...the best time ever!!!

Last night Chicks and Friends got together for our Christmas bash. If you missed it, that’s a shame because we had a blast!!!

The Chicks agree...there is nothing better than getting together with readers, all of us together at one time and getting to know each other like friends do. It was a chance to chat with you all and for the Chicks to say Thanks for your support and friendship through the year.

Last night we talked for two and a half hours that just seemed to fly by. We shared cookie recipes, menus for Christmas dinner, what Christmas shows we love and what Christmas songs we know by heart. I have a whole new batch of cookies to make for the holidays and a list of shows I keep forgetting about. I so need to see Die Hard again especially since Bruce Willis...the canine Bruce in my Consignment Shop series.

We introduced our newest Chick, Karen Rose and chatted about her books, and all of our books and what’s coming up next year.

And it wasn’t just all talk either. What’s Christmas without presents!!! We gave away books, totes and key fobs and goodie bags galore to say Thank You to our readers for being there for us. 

Thanks to everyone who came to the party last night and joined in the celebration. We love getting to know you better and you all are the best!!

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