Saturday, November 26, 2016


By Mary Kennedy

Lots of people don't know that before I wrote mysteries, I wrote teen and middle-grade fiction. Quite a lot of it, actually! I wrote 35 books for Scholastic, including mysteries, sweet romances, chapter books, stand-alone titles and series.
It was great fun and I made guest appearances in schools, thanks to a wonderful company called Authors in Schools. I'd spend the whole day giving presentations, chatting with the kids, teachers, librarians and parents. I also visited libraries and military bases.

And I always bought a couple of hundred home made chocolate chip cookies to hand out!  They were my trademark and I was invited back year after year (it must have been the cookies!)

People ask me why I love writing for teens, and the answer is simple. This is a time when emotions are in overdrive, everything is larger than life, the joys, the sorrows, the angst are overwhelming. This is a goldmine for writers. Remember back to your teen (or tween years) when everything was high drama.

I'm happy these books are back as e-books, and I can guarantee that they are squeaky clean (after all, they had to pass muster with teachers, parents and librarians!).

I currently have two teen series, the Hollywood Nights series for older teens,

and the Crazy Love Diaries for young teens.

You can find descriptions of all six books and links to buy them at my website. and I hope you'll give them a try. Have a young teen friend or relative who might enjoy a fun, wholesome read? The perfect holiday gift. Have a merry one!

Mary Kennedy

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