Friday, November 18, 2016

Where the heck are my keys?

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

I admit it; I have been known to lose my keys. A lot. So, imagine how upset I was on Monday to think I had lost my keys yet again. Especially since I just received Mr. L's new VERY EXPENSIVE car key.

I tore the house apart. I went through every jacket in the closet (even ones I haven't worn lately), my purse, my desk, Mr. L's computer desk, the file cabinets, the kitchen cabinets. Every flat surface in the house. NO KEYS. That key is worth over $200 and I was pretty upset.

Then Mr. L very smugly says, "I found your keys" and hands them to me.

I look them over and tell him, "These aren't my keys."

"Well whose key's are they?"

"They're YOURS."

(It felt like an Abbott and Costello routine.)

Over the weekend, he'd pocketed my keys, which is why I couldn't find them. Then, he'd put two copies of MY car key on the ring, and not his new one. (They look exactly alike. Oy! Talk about a mix-up.)

Today I'm packing MY car and tomorrow (Saturday, November 19th) I'll be heading for The Church Mouse Holiday Bazaar, where I'll be signing books. If you're in the Rochester, NY area, come see me at the Gates Presbyterian Church (1049 Wegman Road) from 9 until 3:30.

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