Friday, November 4, 2016

What do I do with all these green tomatoes?

Green tomatoes

Earlier this week, Mr. L and I put most of the garden to bed. Because Mr. L dislocated his shoulder in May, we didn't get the garden in until late. The tomatoes did fantastic ... except they just didn't ripen in time. So now I'm left with a bunch of green tomatoes.

The little Juliet tomatoes will ripen in a dish, but I have all those tomatoes below AND a bunch slowly ripening on my kitchen window. Unfortunately, usually they rot before they can fully ripen.
We have tried friend green tomatoes and didn't care for them.

Does anybody know what else can be made out of them? Didn't Ma Ingalls make some kind of green tomato relish in the Little House Books?

Does anybody have a recipe? Are there other things that can be made with them?

I'd love to know! (And I'll bet others reading this post would, too!)

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