Wednesday, November 16, 2016 or out?

There’s this neat commercial on TV where a teacher is retiring. It’s her last day at school and she’s tossing papers into the air and dancing down the steps and jumps into an adorable red convertible VW bug and drives off.

Everyone looks forward to retiring but will you? You might give up your day job of working your butt off for a bazillion years for a company that doest appreciate you but when it when comes to hanging up work will you do it? 

I’ve had a job for so long I cannot imagine not having one.

I’m not saying a 40 hour a week job but some kind of a job where you still draw a paycheck and have to show up. Right now I have two jobs...I write and I work at a consignment shop. I love both. Nothing is more fun than writing cozies and the consignment shop gig keeps me honest in that I have to get out from behind my computer and talk to real people.
Sometimes I forget there’s another real world out there. Heck, sometimes I want to forget. But I digress.

I do volunteer work too as I think I need to give back for the amazing life I’ve had. There is so much that needs to be done but I still want a job that holds me accountable. I think it’s in my midwest genes of work.

So what about you? Will you hang it up when you turn 65? Not retire at 65? Kick your boss in the shins and dace out the door? Get a part-time job? Volunteer? Travel till you drop?

What are your retirement dreams and plans?

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