Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas Presents...In or Out

Hi, Duffy Brown here and I’m getting into the spirit of Christmas.

Okay, I know this sounds very Scrooge-
ish but I’m really serious about the present in or out question. Maybe because I’ve reached a point in my life where I have enough “stuff” and do not need or want more. Fact is, I’m getting rid of “stuff” and do not want to backfill with more stuff I’ll want to get rid of in five years from now.

I love giving presents but do not like getting them. Mostly because I think...Where in the heck am I going to put this? Or I look really bad in black and now have a black sweater to replace the one I just consigned.

And...thank the kids agree. Believe it or now, we do not exchange Christmas presents!
Oh, I give the grandkids prezzies as there has to be something under the tree and I really do love shopping for them but I would have no idea what to give my kids. They are so picky and what I give them would probably wind up in my black sweater category.

But we do celebrate a ton! We focus on food and getting together and cracking a nice bottle of wine or braking out decadent chocolates or springing for that special dinner or going out to a really nice restaurant get the picture. We’ve done this for seven years now and I have to say I do not at all miss the present side of Christmas.

So what about you? Do you exchange presents with your family members? How do you handle the black sweater problem? Do you Secret Santa or draw names or make lists?

Whatever you do Celebrate the season!

Hugs, Duffy 

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