Monday, November 14, 2016


By Mary Kennedy
I didn't coin the term "pillows that eat," the comedian Gallagher described cats that way. It's true that cats tend to be sedentary animals--you'll never find a cat eager to attempt to 5 mile hike with you. (At least I don't think you will.)
Here are a few facts on cats and sleeping. Cats can sleep as much as 20 hours a day (the average is 15).
Why do they sleep so much? Well, in the wild, cats have to hunt to survive and all that running, stalking and chasing takes a lot of energy. So they have to "rest up" when they can.   
Sometimes cats are only "resting," and are alert to sounds and movements. Okay, I agree, the cat in the photo above doesn't look like he would jump up at a loud noise, but you never know. When they're "dozing," their ears are up and are actually ready to take action if they're startled or feel threatened.
Sometimes, of course, they're deeply asleep and yes, they dream, just as we do. They may remain in that deep state of sleep 40% of the time. If you've ever noticed your cat's paws moving or whiskers twitching while he sleeps, he might be dreaming of chasing a plump chipmunk. The deep sleep stage is highly restorative for cats--just as it is for humans--and cats will spend more time in it as they get older. 
Here's Siggy, in what I call his "Margaritaville" pose with a tiny airline bottle of rum in front of him. (Don't worry, he didn't drink any rum, we put the empty bottle there after he dozed off,)
Cats can sleep anywhere, as every cat owner knows! Even a concrete step...
Sometimes they sleep with strange companions!
And sometimes with their best friends...A big thank you to John Presler for letting me share this adorable photo of his kitties curled up together.
Sometimes they try to sleep in a box that's way too small...
And sometimes they snore...(snoring can be related to a weight issue).
How about your cats? Do you have any cute stories or pictures to share? In any case, hope your cats have sweet dreams!
Mary Kennedy

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