Tuesday, November 22, 2016

At the Movies

by Maggie Sefton

I usually write my Tuesday Cozy Chicks blog posts on the Monday or Monday
evening before so they can be posted by 12am, Tuesday morning.  Our Cozy Chicks Blog readers and fans are literally all over the globe.  So---today, Monday 21, I will be traveling most of the day, either by car from here at the river house in the Northern Neck of Virginia a block from the Potomac River, back up to Dulles International Airport for my return flight to Colorado.  Then, back to Fort Collins in an airport shuttle and my parked car at the shuttle parking lot.  With luck, I should be stepping into my Fort Collins home around 11:30pm.

So---I decided this would be the best day to catch up with the last two movies on my Recently Seen list---DOCTOR STRANGE and HACKSAW RIDGE.

DOCTOR STRANGE----If you love magic and magical beings as well as adventure films as I do, then you should enjoy Benedict Cumberbatch's portrayal of this fascinating character.  DOCTOR STRANGE takes place in an earlier time period and doesn't disappoint on the imaginative storyline.  And it also does not disappoint with the villains.  A strong, ruthless and relentless villain is a must in order for the hero or heroine to have a worthy challenger.  DOCTOR STRANGE succeeds on all those levels.  I recommend it.

HACKSAW RIDGE----This is an excellent movie.  I can heartily endorse it.  The storyline  accurately depicts events that took place during the Korean War.  And---this is the most important----the acting performances by the cast are EXCELLENT.  Absolutely top notch.  The portrayals are moving as well.  It's a an honest and affecting movie and is definitely worthy of several Oscar nominations.  Since the movie takes place during wartime, there are scenes of violence and people being shot and killed.  Just a warning, so you would know.  Be advised.  

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