Tuesday, November 15, 2016

At the Movies

by Maggie Sefton

I've been seeing a lot of good movies lately because I've been here in Northern Colorado
since the last week in September when I returned from NINC, the Novelists Inc conference.  Normally I travel in October, but not this year.  Colorado has had and continues to have an absolutely glorious Autumn with temps in the 70s.  Beautiful.  I've also noticed on the weather maps that other areas of the country have been just as lucky.  I've listed below three of the movies I've seen since September.  Check them out if you're interested, and I'll do the same next week----

JASON BOURNE----I think I suggested  this movie to everyone earlier, but just in case I didn't, I can strongly recommend this exciting spy/good guy--bad guy/action thriller.  It's literally non-stop action.  So, check it out.

THE ACCOUNTANT----Having been a CPA years ago, it was fascinating to watch this situationally "challenged" man, portrayed extremely well by Ben Affleck, handle all the additional stress that an international criminal group exerted when he, as the accountant, discovered the cheating going on in their influential company.  Excellent.  And, don't worry----no one will be writing out long accounting problems on the office blackboard.  There's too much action going on with all those international funds  changing hands.

HELL OR HIGH WATER----Again, I apologize if I already mentioned this movie.  I can only plead immersion in  Kelly 15 and writing or revising scenes.  That's the nature of this crazy novelist writing business we're in.  We're either writing novels, revising novels, or brainstorming ideas for new novels.   Older Jeff Bridges plays the newly-retired Texas Ranger who cannot keep from poking his nose into this sudden outbreak of bank robberies in which only the bank teller's tray is stolen with low denomination bills---20 dollar bills and lower.  It turns out the FBI only investigates bank robberies when $100 bills are involved.    Smart bank robber.  Check it out, everyone.  It's excellent.  

These are very well done movies and well worth watching.  

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