Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Spotlight is on Lotus Bay!
Although I've so far only written three stories about Lotus Bay, I have a very soft spot in my heart for this beautiful, rustic spot on Lake Ontario.

Being a hybrid author (I write books for "traditional" and "indie publishing"), I have to concentrate first on deadlines. Therefore, books with a contract attached to them, come first. This spring, I wrote the 7th Jeff Resnick mystery, SHATTERED SPIRITS. I'm currently finishing up work on Booktown #11 (wait'll you see the cover!), A JUST CLAUSE. I've promised myself I would finish Tales of Telenia: TREACHERY before the end of 2016. (I've been stalling on that one since 2013), and THEN I would allow myself to write the next Lotus Bay Mystery. The only problem is, my characters got tired of waiting.

Kathy Grant started nagging me almost a year ago. She had a story she wanted told, and she kept popping up in my thoughts, poking me in the arm and saying, "We're waiting!!!" She started getting really noisy back in August.

And so there I was, sitting in the passenger side of my minivan on the L-O-N-G drive home from Florida after a recent writers conference, and instead of working on A Just Clause, I started working on Christmas At Swans Nest.  After two days of typing pn my little Alphasmart Neo, it was finished.

In With Baited Breath, Kathy purchased a wreck of a house she's determined to transform from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. (She's got her work cut out for her.)

The holidays are fast approaching, and Kathy is hard at work on the renovations of her soon-to-be bed and breakfast. An unexpected winter storm disrupts her friends’ plans, and it looks like her B&B will have to open a little early. And then there are the cryptic notes that hint of a treasure to be found somewhere in the house. Will Kathy and her friends find a cache of cash?

I knew I'd eventually get around to writing the story. In fact, thanks to Kathy's nagging, I had the cover made last spring.

The story will debut on November 1st and is now available for pre-order.

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I hope you'll want to catch up with what Kathy, Tori, and Anissa are up to.

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