Sunday, October 30, 2016

Scrumptious Sunday...Beer Beef

From Harriett Harra
Thanks tons, Harriett. This looks amazing. Guess what I’m having for Sunday dinner tonight!
Hugs, Duffy 

Beer Beef (a slightly altered recipe from Ruth Reichl)

1⁄2 lb of stew meat (chunked) or brisket (whole) per person
Fresh onion, thinly sliced long-ways into slivers
the amount is up to you Neutral cooking oil (a good olive oil, or Wesson or whatever)

One can or bottle of beer I prefer a lager-type beer
Salt, pepper
One bay leaf
Tad of vinegar (whatever you have on hand)

Pat the meat with paper towels. Slick a skillet or Dutch over with the oil and sear the salt and peppered meat on all sides. Remove meat to another dish/platter. Cook the onion until golden in the skillet with remaining fat/oil.

If youre using an oven, preheat to 350 degrees at this point.
If you
re using a big slow cooker/crockpot, turn it on after loading it up. Cook on medium for about one hour per pound of meat. Maybe longer, depends on your slow cooker. Test the meat no pink. Meat must be thoroughly cooked yet tender.

In either a Dutch oven, big ovenproof casserole or big crockpot, cover the bottom with 1⁄2 the onions. Add the meat on top of the onion, then top with the rest of the onion. Throw in the bay leaf, pour the beer in, add a tiny splash of vinegar and cook. If youre using your oven, cook for about 3 1⁄2 hours. Use your judgment. If I have leftover beef au jus from something else, I might add that in as well.

If serving brisket, remove and place on a platter. Let it rest about 10 minutes before slicing into portions. Spoon juice from the pan or crockpot over the meat, or put it in a gravy boat and let people help themselves. Serve with starch and vegetable of your choice. If you want to be fancyserve over spaeztle. 

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