Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ouch! But thank you ...


Okay, that’s just me after having my allergy tests yesterday. For months now, I have been suffering from allergies, not surprising since there are so many allergens in our area.  I’ve been though a mountain of tissues and now just bought a new mountain.  It won’t be the last.

Most of August and September was spent inside with a/c on and windows closed because we are in the ragweed capital of the world. Ragweed looks innocent, but it isn't. I missed the best season in the garden. Whine, snivel.

Now that ragweed is gone for the season (pause while I kiss the ground), leaf mold (or mould, depending on where you live) is gearing up to give grief.  Neither one is my friend!

So yesterday, I had the scratch test for the common types of allergens, including about five mold/moulds.  By the way, did you know that there are snow molds?  But I digress!

All but two little ‘picks’ swelled up dramatically and now instead of spending time dosing myself all the time with nasal sprays and my best friends from the over the counter remedy world,

Lots of choice in my medicine cabinet! But who stole the Advil cold and sinus?

I’ll be going through another round of allergy shots.  They are quite miraculous, but don’t last forever, so my last regime about ten years ago must have worn off.

My plan was to illustrate this post with a photo of my reaction. However, a one-handed shot of pasty pink skin with a bunch of much pinker throbbing bumps did not yield the right artistic result.
I can’t wait to be free of eighty percent of these allergies. Even half would be great.  It will mean regular extra visits to the doc for the shots and sitting there for forty-five minutes afterwards, but you know there’s a bright side to that: I’ll be stockpiling mysteries that I want to read and I’ll treasure that time without the phone ringing, the computer calling and any other of the daily distractions.

And now, over to you! Do you have allergies? Have you had shots and if yes with what results? Feel free to dispense advice while you’re commenting. Finally, what would you be reading if you were sitting in that waiting room?

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