Thursday, October 13, 2016

On the eve of National Dessert Day, we need to talk

Tomorrow is National Dessert Day! That makes today National Dessert Day Eve. That’s right. Why stop with a day? Make it last, folks.

A chocolate cake for six friends

Full disclosure: no one needs a dessert or a dessert day or a dessert day eve LESS than I do. But what does need have to do with it?  Desserts are about so much more: childhood memories: mom always made the best. They are about celebrations and about special meals with friends. Sometimes they’re about eating the leftovers by flashlight after everyone else has gone to bed. But that would be a subject for another blog. 

I am always looking for new dessert ideas or messing with existing ones to take them to the next level.  For some reason, the next level often includes Kahlua. Below is Best and Easiest Ice Cream Cake from the second edition of The Cozy Chicks Kitchen.  What can I say? Kahlua, of course. Maybe it’s a law of nature of something. 

There are lots of great desserts in our two cookbooks, by the way.  Here are some pix of our favorites for family and friends.  Victoria and I are celebrating because The Hammett Hex is getting great reviews.  Hmm. What to make?  Where’s the Kahlua?

Why not pop in today and tell me your favorite dessert? Maybe you don’t eat dessert. Lots of people don’t. Marie Antoinette never said, “Let them eat carrot sticks!” But then, things didn’t go that well for her.

This one is lemon meringue tiramisu!

What side of that great divide are you on?  Let’s hear it.  Meanwhile, I’ll get my plate.

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