Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lovin' those leaves!

I love the fall.  While the nights are eerie and mysterious, with blowing winds and the creak of trees, the days are bright and colorful. We are just back from a trip (where we were lucky to just get a touch of Matthew) . Despite the fact that I had come down with a cold, aggravated by sitting in soaking clothing and shoes for a couple of hours, the leaves were so gorgeous, that I didn’t even notice I didn’t feel well in the days that followed.

  Every hill we came over and every valley we entered was thrilling. Now that’s powerful scenery.

I’m told that Cape Breton Highlands National Park has 19 different hardwoods that change color in the fall. We love the brilliant red and sugar maples, up against the softer yellow birches, the aspens, beeches, ashes and cherries. The shades of bright crimson through soft brown couldn’t be better if an artist made each choice. I thought the drama was great and, of course, despite this my thoughts turned to murder in the Camilla MacPhee book I am working on. 

 All those step cliffs and twisty road and the tail end of that ferocious hurricane. What could ever go wrong?  ‘Course, you’ll have to wait to find out. I’m typing as fast as I can. For sure the fall has been a wonderful inspiration in more ways thaBy Victoria Abbott aka Mary Jane Maffinin one.

What about you? Are you susceptible to fall scenery too? Or do you long for one of the other seasons? 

While I curl up with a hot drink and the fire crackling I’ll ponder your responses. Love it when friends drop in!

P.S. Have you got your jack-o-lantern carved for Halloween? Made some creepy cookies? Don’t forget that The Cozy Chicks want to help you get in the spirit of Halloween, and to do that, we're throwing a virtual Halloween party on our Facebook Page next week, October 26, 7 to 9 pm Eastern US time.  We'll have prizes, virtual goodies, recipes, and most of all FUN!

Daisy and Lily are ready!   

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