Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Is this a trick or a treat

Okay, all the other neighbors will be giving out candy for Halloween so my thought is why not go rogue and out these healthy, non-candy ideas instead this year? Before you throw darts at me here are a few ideas that seem pretty cool.

What about these cool glowsticks? This are terrific and will keep the kids safe while they trick or treat and they can hang them on their bed when they get home to remember what great fun they had. Neat, huh!

And then there’s bubbles! I mean who doesn’t like to blow bubbles. I’ve seen adults blow bubbles for hours and fill the yard with them. Esp if I give them to the little kids who don’t eat candy. There are kids who don’t eat candy right?

What about these neat tattoos? They look great, wash off and don’t
rot your teeth. Kids love tattoos. I think this is a winner...maybe.

And then there’s snack packs. Not exactly a nutritious meal but not all that sugar. What about a nice bag of fish crackers or potato chips?? Who doesn’t love a chip.

I love Halloween fun stuff like these fangs and lips. What about giving away these? A little fun that keeps on giving if you scare your mom the next morning. See, what a good idea.

Then there’s the fun pencils with cute erasers...what about that? A Star Wars pencil with light-saber eraser? Princess pencil with tiara eraser? Sounds like a winner to me.

So what do you think? Do I dare not give away candy and try this? Will I get my house egged? Would you like any of these if you were a trick-or-treater? Or do I just cave and give away Snickers like I always do?

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