Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Decorations…in or out

Okay, I get the Christmas decoration thing but what about the rest of the time? Do you decorate your house for the season? 

My good buddy Tonya Kappes has a tree in her house and decorates it for the time. Easter gets adorable eggs, 4th of July gets little flags, Thanksgiving gets get the picture.

I don’t have an all season tree but I do decorate for the occasion. I have kitchen towels that I bring out for Easter and Thanksgiving and the like. On the 4th of July my house looks like America on steroids. I really love the flag and the RWandB theme. I tell you that Betsy Ross gal did a great design job for the country and for all of us looking for color themes.

Christmas is a given...Christmas lights outside, tree inside along with a bunch of candles and holly and fir sprigs. I never put up Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving because I totally LOVE Thanksgiving. It’s the best holiday with fam all around and there isn’t the present thing to drive me nuts.

Right now I’ve got pumpkins and leaves and black cats and ghosts with candles in my house. I’m putting up the orange lights outside with the pumpkin lights on the bushes out front and cutting jack-o-lanterns into small paper bags to use as luminaries to line the sidewalk on trick-or-treat night. I torch up the firepit and have cider for the adults that come with their kids to join in the fun.

So why do all this you ask? I mean who really sees it? I’m a woman alone, no kids at home and they and the grandkids come on weekends but that’s it. So why bother? Well, it keeps me young and to tell you the truth I feel more a part of life and what’s going on. I don’t feel so much like I’ve got far less years in front of me than behind me. I engage and it works for me and puts a little spring in my step.

So what about you? Do you decorate for the seasons and holidays? Do you have a tree for all occasions? Stuff you drag out year after year and love seeing it all again?

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