Tuesday, October 11, 2016

by Maggie Sefton

I wanted to include some of the photos I took yesterday but----for some unknown reason---the photos I had transferred from my iPhone photo file to my laptop photo files refused to cooperate and copy to this file.  Weird.  That has never happened before.  I then tried to copy some of my other photos of flowers I'd taken earlier this year, and they also refused to copy.  So----in the  photos absence, you and I will have to play "Let's Pretend" and pretend we see photos of blooming purple and white petunias and deep red petunias.  Needless to say, I'll be visiting the Simply Mac store here in Fort Collins tomorrow and solve this weird mystery.  I'll keep all of you readers posted.  

I'm loving  this wonderful warm spell we're still having here in Northern Colorado.  Temps were nearly 80 today with plenty of sunshine, of course.  Part of one of the gifts these warm temps have brought is my pretty annual flowers are still blooming.  Love it, love it.

So, for this post, I'm simply going to celebrate flowers with a few photos I took yesterday afternoon.  Of course, all the flowers are past their prime blossoming but they're still colorful.  And I love it.  I simply love bright and colorful annuals.  Some of my favorites are the simple and sturdy petunias.  There are so many colorful varieties available every spring, it's hard to limit our choices.  But most of us have specific places where we can plant.  In my front garden which surrounds the walkway and the front entry area, I plant in the brick planter plus a variety of pots which I've collected over the years.

Flowers bring me a great deal of pleasure.  Do any of you folks still have flowers blooming where you live?

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