Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Scare for Halloween

by Maggie Sefton

Today I finished my own revisions on Kelly Flynn #15 and sent the file to my editor at Penguin Publishing/Berkley Prime Crime in New York.  Next, my editor will read it and see if she has any revisions of her own included.  Then it will go for a round of copy editing, then onto proofreading, then eventually will become a finished Hardcover book that will be released in June 2017.    

Lots of fun stuff plus new developments for the characters happen in this book, so I think readers will really enjoy reading it.  At least, I hope they do.  :)

Since we're entering the Fall/Winter Holiday season, we're starting with one of my favorites---Halloween.  In fact, I think everyone loves Halloween if for nothing else then it gives us the excuse to eat more candy than we should.  And, since I have a Sweet Tooth, that's always a treat for me.

I also want to remind readers that I have another Halloween treat available, one that has NO calories whatsoever.  My Ebook short, short story "Halloween Scare" is available as an Ebook on Amazon and also barnesandnoble.com.   This short tale features the characters from the Kelly Flynn Mysteries in a completely new adventure that's not included in any of the novels.  You can check it out on
www.amazon.com and sneak a peek.  I think you'll enjoy it.  And "Halloween Scare" even has a bit of a scare included.  Take a look and see for yourselves.  Enjoy!  

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