Monday, September 12, 2016


By Mary Kennedy                         
Oh no! Another stray cat? I seem to be a "stray cat magnet." That's how I ended up with 8 rescued cats and began what my husband calls "my expensive hobby."
 Like many cozy writers and cozy readers (!), I love cats, and there's something special about tuxedo cats. Lorraine Bartlett has an adorable tuxedo cat named Fred...

Leann Sweeney has sweet little he is as a kitten...
And here is Lynley present-day...
I have my tuxedo cat, a rescue (of course!) named Eliza. Eliza is the cat I rescued who "gifted me" with 5 kittens the day after I rescued her. "The gift that keeps on giving," as one of my friends wryly commented. Poor Eliza, it wasn't her fault she fell for a sweet-talking orange tabby. He was so charming and he promised her everything. He told her he'd love her forever (she didn't know he had a wife and three kittens in Maryland, but that's another story.)
And Toni Lo Tempio has her own in-house book reviewer, her tuxedo cat, Rocco. You really must sign up for Rocco's reviews, they are always entertaining and he loves mysteries.  You can find him at Cats, Books and more Cats! (and I'm very happy to be featured there.)
And now, my latest stray cat. I live at the edge of a state park and noticed this tuxedo cat darting into the woods a couple of days ago. I'm sure he's homeless, he's very skittish, I can't approach him and he turns tail and flees if I try to approach him.
Last night, I saw him foraging in some garbage cans left at the edge of the street. I startled him and he fled to the woods. I went home, got a water bottle, a bowl, a plate, some Meow Mix and headed right back there. I have no idea if he was watching me from the woods, (or if he even found the food and water) but I just had to do something! The poor little guy, it's 95 degrees here today, he won't survive without food or water.
I checked this morning and the food was gone and the water was nearly gone. But I noticed the water was a bit of a mess and I wondered if a raccoon had gotten it. When raccoons eat, they wash their food in water, and it always leaves debris in the bowl. 
Not sure what the answer is. No one in the neighborhood seems to own him and I'm afraid it is going to be difficult to socialize him. If I can't lure him out with food and treats, I'll eventually have to trap him, as I did the others.
I'll keep you posted about my progress with this little guy, if anyone has any suggestions I'd be grateful!!
Mary Kennedy

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