Thursday, September 22, 2016

Read, sleep, dream, repeat

Around here, we’re a bit like Goldilocks:  two beds ago, we bought a firm mattress with a pillow top.  Somehow, this combination felt like sleeping on a bed of ping pong balls.  Not such a happy time for us and by the time we realized that we were not going to get used to the ping pong balls or even come to like them, it was too late.  We’ll call that the Papa Bear Bed.

Next time, we got a medium-firm bed with a cushiony top.  We must be slow to catch on, because it took a long time to acknowledge that we didn’t like this one either. It was actually way too soft. By then we were in the middle of a health crisis and a dramatic move and Mamma Bear’s too soft bed was the last thing we were worrying about.  We did buy a 'topper' to firm it up and give it a bit more support, but that only improved things a bit.

Mamma Bear can keep her bed

Then on our recent trip to Newfoundland, we had the best beds ever in four of our accommodations (We won't talk about the others.)  The accommodations were pleasant, but not palatial, but we loved the really firm mattresses.  Now we knew exactly what they were supposed to feel like. 

Back home again, we decided that at least one of us was spending up to a third of our life sleeping or napping in our bed (more if you count reading) in a bed that caused tossing and turning.  

So what if the other bed was still in good shape? It was making us miserable.
It was time. After a fun filled shopping trip to exactly one mattress store, now we are the proud owners of a FIRM mattress that is very comfortable and made even more comfortable by the fact that it was in a half-price sale.  We found a willing taker for Mamma Bear’s bed and this time we learned that if we are not happy we can exchange the bed.  I’m not crazy about the idea of where those exchanged beds might go.  I don’t want to buy one!   But the whole thing is moot (as they say in the legal dramas) because we are in love with Baby Bear’s bed:  it’s just right. 

Of course, we are a bit worried that we may wake out of our fabulous sleep some morning and find three furry faces frowning at us and complaining about their porridge and broken chairs. But you know what?  It’s worth the risk!

We’ve both found ourselves going to bed just a bit earlier and giving up our crime drama Netflix binging because this bed just feels right.  

The lesson to us was to know what we want, shop wisely and make sure the terms are right. It took long enough, but we’re happy sleepers now. Like the cushion says, read, sleep, dream, repeat.

What about you? Soft bed? Medium?  Really firm?  Let’s make it a slumber party and chat. 

All tips for a good night's sleep are accepted with gratitude!

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