Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Movie Time

by Maggie Sefton

I've been catching up on current films that are in the neighborhood theatre or Cineplex.  As I've mentioned many times on this  blog, I just LOVE movies.  As a storyteller by trade and desire, I find it relaxing and even nourishing to go into a large dark theatre and totally lose myself in some other storyteller's story.  So, this week and another week, I'm going to give you folks a taste of the movies I've seen recently.  Here we go-----

Ultimate Spy Action Adventurer, "Jason Bourne," takes another turn escaping a collection of Bad Guys, both foreign and domestic.  I've always enjoyed the Jason Bourne movies because I adore Action Adventure flics.  So, you won't find me in the "Chick Flics."  ;)  This film series never disappoints on delivering the action.  Also, there are plenty of Car Chases for the fans who love that.  And the Bad Guys never disappoint in their intricate plotting.  So----if you like Action Adventure, folks, you'll enjoy this one.

Next up is one of those endearing little films that come along every now and then---"Florence Foster Jenkins."  This film is about a dynamic female opera singer wannabe who is convinced of her "talent."  Thus, she adores performing for an audience.  Meryl Streep plays Florence with flair, and Hugh Grant plays her handsome supportive husband.  The rest of the cast is equally first rate.  You can tell they're all having a ball playing these characters.

Third is a witty and very funny animated film about what New York City pets do all day after their owners leave them alone.  "The Secret Life of Pets."  The actor voices for these pets are simply great.  I especially love the adorable fluffy little white bunny who is a street gangster with Chris Rock's voice.   Seeing/hearing his "bad street voice" coming out of this fluffy little bunny is too funny.  Check them out if you like.  Enjoy!  

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