Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Movie Time--2

by Maggie Sefton

I wanted to post some more of the recent movies that I've seen recently in case some of
you folks are curious.  Most of them are still in the theatres.  Last Saturday, I saw "Sully" which was a dramatic and extremely effective re-telling of the incident where a U.S. Airways jet made an emergency landing in the Hudson River in New York City.  Tom Hanks plays the Captain of the passenger jet who managed to save everyone on board despite losing two engines within the first two minutes after takeoff from LaGuardia airport.  The passenger jet was still climbing and gaining altitude when a large---and I DO mean large flock of geese collided head-on with the airplane.  Right in front of the Captain and his very able co-pilot.  Captain "Sully" (short for his real name Sullenberger) has been flying passenger jets for over 40 years and had an impeccable flight record.  Tom Hanks gives a wonderfully restrained and affecting portrayal of this brave man who did not think he deserved to be called a hero.  Watching how all those events unfolded that day makes it abundantly clear that Sully was indeed a Hero.  Footnote:  Have any of you folks ever seen a goose up close and personal?   I have and have seen several in a gaggle.  One goose alone is good-sized.  Picturing a whole bunch of those large birds, wings spread wide in flight, hitting an engine at high speed makes it easy to understand how two entire jet engines could be totally destroyed.  This is definitely a movie to enjoy, everyone, unless---of course---you have a fear of flying.  :)

I enjoyed watching the movie "War Dogs," but remember----I love action and adventure.  This is a funny movie which is based entirely on a true story.  These two American men are always looking for ways to turn a large profit off some scheme.  These two guys have known each other since college, and have been walking that fine line between Legal and Illegal activities ever since they met.  Alas, they have never lacked for quasi-legal schemes to pursue which have always yielded a large profit.  Hence, they have made out pretty well.  That's how they found the opportunity to provide a shipment of handguns to a U.S. Army base inside Iraq.  Far enough inside Iraq to make it a dangerous place---even if you're not running guns.  This movie is funny (dark humor, folks) and definitely provides suspenseful moments.  All----true to life.

I'll finish off with "Ghostbusters."  This is an All-Girl version of the 70s blockbuster hit with Bill Murray where the team has to go to different locations and eliminate all the ghostly apparitions that are haunting the place.  I love the actresses here, especially Melissa McCarthy.  She is hilarious in every movie she's ever appeared, I think.  A very funny movie, folks.  And this is one you can take the whole family to.  Enjoy yourselves.  :)  

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