Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Exercise is Killing me

I keep waiting for that burst of energy you get from exercising and it never comes. Never! I’m just pooped!

I read all the articles on the benefits of exercise, listened to my doc how cardio is great and makes you feel great and your heart will thank you.

Right now the only thanks is from Lisa Sansone for buying her walking tapes. I used to do Zumba but an hour of Zumba is a lot. I used to get in my car and have to wait a few minutes to scrape myself off the seat and drive home. And the Zumba schedule didn’t always fit into my schedule so I went CD.

This works out better in that a half-hour doesn’t render me near death like an hour of Zumba. And I can take off my shirt at home when I get really hot and the cats don’t care though I think they do laugh a little at my fat jiggling around like Jello on a plate.
This CD walking thing is just about the right time. I feel like I’m near just death from walking/jogging/kicking/knee-lifting and the like and the CD ends…thank the Lord! And I can do it at ten at night or whenever.

Some people can’t exercise at night as it gets them all pumped up. I wish. Exercise just makes me tired! I want to sleep! Like I said, none of that burst of energy stuff at all. I see people jogging around my neighborhood and they are smiling. Let me tell you, I NEVER smile when exercising. I frown and cuss and sweat like a roasted pig.

So what about you? Do you try and get some exercise in a few times a week? Do you have a gym membership? Have a fave CD to work out too? And do you get a burst of energy? If you do I am totally envious

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