Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Your pet finds you

There are a lot of pet owners out there and we come to our pets in the most unusual ways. I’m a firm believer that your pets comes to you, you don’t find them. It’s something in the cosmic universe that brings you two together.

Maybe you’re driving along on one of those dark and stormy nights and there, in the middle of the road is a stray just waiting for you. A friend was pregnant and driving across an icy bridge and there walking across the handrail was a kitten slipping and sliding and inches from death of falling into the river. She rescue the kitten and he was the best pet ever and best of friends with her then unborn babe.

I found Spooky in Kroger’s parking lot mixed in with the shopping cars scared and mewing for all she was worth. I went into the store and bought a can of cat food to woo her out so I could get her. 

My first cat, Pixel, was supposed to be for my son. Yeah, we know how those stories turn out. When he crossed the rainbow bridge I told the more cats for bit. The next week my son brings me a kitten he found in an ice cream shop parking lot. He, now Dr. Watson,  needed a home, I had one, end of story.

So many cats and dogs wind up on our doorsteps, they seem to know instinctively who will love and care for them. God bless those who rescue animals from horrid situations and make them family. (IMHO anyone who mistreats an animal should burn in hell for all eternity and I mean it)

So what about you? How did you get your first pet? How did he come into your life and save you more than you saved him?

Hugs, Duffy

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