Saturday, August 27, 2016


by Mary Kennedy                                      

Ali Blake here, from the Dream Club Mysteries. Things are moving along here in Savannah, the Dream Club is in full swing, and our vintage candy store, Oldies But Goodies, is more popular than ever. Here's an inside look at the candy shop: we went for an "old-fashioned" vibe with glass jars, bins of penny candy and of course, all your favorite sweets from years ago.

If you've been following us, you know that we added a little cafe to the candy shop a while ago, and we serve up gallons of sweet tea, gourmet coffee, light lunches and of course delicious pastries.

Now I've come up with a new marketing plan and I've added picnic lunches to the menu. We're trying to keep it simple...                                                     

And healthy....                     

Using lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. One of our most popular picnic lunches starts with a nice baguette....

with some gruyere cheese...
   And a couple of side salads; maybe a tomato-chickpea salad loaded with fresh veggies...

.a fresh green salad, with dried cranberries, tomatoes, chick peas and pine nuts. You can toss in a little feta cheese if you like.                  

 ...and a nice pasta salad. We don't use mayo because of the Savannah heat, and we use a home-made vinaigrette dressing.
   For dessert, we always include cookies  (because everyone loves cookies!)  One of our most popular items is sugar cookies and we use some cool stamps to make pretty designs.


Our peach slab pie is also one of our most requested items for a picnic lunch. It's peach pie, but it's portable!

If you'd like the recipe for peach slab pie, you can find it on this link from an earlier Cozy Chicks blog. Everyone loves it and it's a nice "on-the-go" treat.

Our famous sweet tea is available in gallon jugs as well as fresh lemonade (made from real lemons, not bottled juice.)

Where to eat your picnic lunch?  You can choose from dozens of beautiful parks and squares in Savannah. Forsythe Park  is one of my favorites. 
 What are some must-have items on your favorite picnic lunches? I'm always looking for new menu ideas. Thanks for stopping by!!

Mary Kennedy (writing for Ali Blake from the Dream Club Mysteries.)


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