Wednesday, August 10, 2016

On the Places You’ll Go.

I love this book, given it as presents to so many grads with their whole life in front of them. And of course it is totally true. The places we wind up are truly amazing!

In Braking for Bodies, Evie Bloomfield never thought she’d wind up on Mackinac Island chasing a killer...who wound up chasing her! In my Consignment Shop series Reagan Summerside never thought she’d fall for the very man who represented her  ex in a rotten divorce settlement.

And I never thought I’d drive through Tuscany. Just me and my daughter in a little stick-shift Fiat and a Garman GPS. Thank heavens for the Garman or we’d still be driving in Tuscany! Actually, thank heavens for my daughter as I can’t read a map…even a Garman…worth beans!

I never dreamed I’d have a garden with so many lovely flowers. My grandfather could grow anything anywhere. He was from Italy and had ten green thumbs! I love flowers and whereas I’m not nearly as good a gardener as Grandpa Angelo I feel a part of him every time I plant or trim or water.

And a few things I got into I never thought I’d get out of. Like the time I got lost in wilds of Kentucky in the middle of the night with a dead iPhone that wouldn’t take a charge. Then there was the time my daughters and I got chased by two huge gators in Alligator Alley in Florida. You think a sixty-year-old woman is slow? Ha! I can run like the wind!

Then there was our adventure to Canyonlands in Arizona. Everything is huge and steep there. My daughters and I DROVE this road two years ago! It’s just like this with hairpin turns, 1000 foot drops with no guardrails, wide enough for one car only and dirt!!!!! Oh the things my kids get me into.

This is a picture of Canyonlands National Park.
Last week’s rain washed out a portion of the Shafer Trail road near the bottom of the switchbacks. It now says... Use caution if you are planning to drive this section. IMHO you have to be nuts to drive this thing!

So the question is...what crazy things have gotten you into? What wild places have you survived or nearly didn’t? Where have you wound up that you never thought you would? 

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