Thursday, August 18, 2016

My head’s in the clouds. How about yours?

My head’s in the clouds for a very good reason:  because the summer skies are so beautiful. 

Not only the clear blue with fluffy cumulus clouds like a child’s drawing or the inky night skies with distant twinkling stars and swirling mysterious galaxies, but the early evening heavens just before or after sunset, when there’s a show of shape, color and light that really brings joy.  

As a child I used to love lying in the nearby field by the abandoned house,

just watching the clouds float by. Of course, that was when we were free-range kids!

These have been just  a few of the evening skies that have appealed to me lately. 

Evening skies are just one more instance of the best things in life being free. 

Do you share this passion for evening skies? Or are you a high noon person?  Or do you think it’s just time for me to get back to my desk? 

Good luck with that one: I’m on vacation!

Let us know what you love seeing in the sky. Happy gazing!

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