Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Love, Love These Flowers

by Maggie Sefton

I was transferring some photos to my laptop from my iPhone yesterday, and I noticed some of the many  photos of beautiful flowers I'd taken on my trip to San Diego for a recent conference in July.  Those bright red blossoms pictured above were on a plant that was sitting right next to the hotel entrance which was  glass and always wide open and inviting.

Naturally I spotted other beautiful flower photos I'd taken on previous trips---some for writing related conferences and others taken on pleasure trips.  So I thought I'd share some of these photos I've taken over the past few years in a variety of locales.

I admired these gorgeous azaleas at one of the homes on the Garden Tour of Homes last springs in Falls Church and Arlington, Virginia.  My friend from childhood, Diane, and I have made it a point to attend that wonderful tour every spring.  There are several homes on display each year and they're all been re-decorated by the top interior designers in the area.

I saw these cheerful bright hibiscus blossoms in a private garden in Antigua when I took a wonderful cruise through several Caribbean countries last February.

These stunning hanging garden displays were at a nursery garden center in Juneau, Alaska

Flowers were everywhere in Mexico a few years ago, even in February.  Mild temperatures and sunny skies.  The house that fellow mystery

We'll wrap up today with a photo of spring azalea blossoms at the River house in Virginia's Northern Neck, just a block from the Potomac River.

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