Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Join or not to join...that is the question at least for today.

I was thinking of joining a group. Actually I’m thinking of joining the Red Hat Society. Why? ‘Cause some of my friends have moved away and some are more content to sit at home. I’m not much good at sitting unless I’m writing. 

Some of my friends are connected with their church groups and have friends there or have groups with common interests like knitting, quilting, singing, acting, politics and the like.

And then there’s the single woman thing. Those with hubbies and partners tend to hang with others with hubbies and partner.

I have my family of course and they are a group and totally fantastic but I thought it would be nice to hang with some old gals once in a while.

I want go out to dinner, shows, events and thought the Red-hatters might be a good way to meet others in the same boat. I love to hike and walk new trails and discover new things. New friends are always a good idea I told myself so I did it, I joined up.

I haven’t bought a red hat yet but suspect I probably will have to somewhere along the line. I’m excited! New things are always good. And I love the company of other women esp at this age. Over 65 and people tend to mellow out. Not so much the who has to impress who thing. It’s done. We are who we are.

So what about you? Are you a groupie? Do you belong to any organizations or social groups? Are you having fun? Any Red-hatters out there? Wish me luck and I’ll let you know how things go.  

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