Friday, August 19, 2016

In the news -- it's enough to make you cry!

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

I'm swamped working on Booktown #11 -- so my character Jeff Resnick has written today's blog. Take it away, Jeff!
~ ~ ~
Damn alarm clock! Not what you need when you've slept like crap for days. Okay, it could be worse. Having Herschel attached to me like a leach all night doesn’t help either.

Time for the news.

Nothing like sitting in your underwear catching up on the latest news because it’s easier than waiting for the stinking computer to get to your news feed's home page.

Elections: Okay. ISIS: Okay. But what about any big local thing? Here we go; latest from good old Channel 4.

Oh, no!

No more Ralph Wilson Stadium!

Maybe I shouldn’t wake up Rich too soon for this one!

I’ve known about the New Era Cap Company for years, but never realized how big they are. They are changing the name of the Ralph Wilson Stadium to the New Era Field! And here they are a local company willing to bail out the Bills for years. Then there’s my brother, the consummate Bills fan. Poor schmuck.

Okay, Richard you might as well hear the news and see what you think.

But, this may not be bad after all if it works. God only knows the team has tried just about everything to get back into a winning position.

If we finally have a winning season in Buffalo, I will happily share my brother's season tickets! Training camp in Rochester looked very promising these past couple of weeks. This might be the year we can have fun watching the Bills on Sunday, even if we’re staying warm and away from the drunks watching it on the tube!

But, back to Buffalo. I see things are still happening down at the waterfront. Do you want to see those lit-up grain elevators that look like Labatts cans one night or not? I think we need a night out. And if we're lucky, Brenda might even approve.



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