Wednesday, August 17, 2016

High School... The best of times, or not so much.

It’s back to school time and the way I remember it... All of high school is divided into four parts...the popular kids/the jocks, the brains, the regular kids, the weird kids, the wallflowers.

I just ran into a high school sort-of friend who I hadn’t seen in years and years. She was the same as always plus a few wrinkles. She still had a red convertible, her husband still dashing even with wrinkles and lots of fun to be with. High school was good for Evelyn.

It was good for me too or at least it was okay. I was a middle popular person, probably part of that regular kid group I mentioned above. I was lucky enough to have a group of friends to hang with and had decent grades. Still I had no desire to go to any high school reunions or stay in touch.

I don’t think we had any kids bullied, at least not in my grade that I knew about. There were around 300 in my graduating class and with a class that large there was enough room for everyone, at least I like to think so.

I don’t think high school is an easy time, not even a little bit. I told my kids that if they could survive middle school/high school they could survive anything. I got this from my one daughter who had a really bad time in high school. I didn’t realize just how bad she was bullied till years later. If I’d known I would have home schooled her in a heartbeat.

So what about you? What about high school? Best of times? Not so much? You’d go back in a heartbeat? You’d like nothing more than to fly over the place and pee-pee all over it?  

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