Thursday, July 14, 2016

When the living is easy!

By Mary Jane Maffini aka Victoria Abbott

Summertime!  I love every hot and sticky minute of it.  Some of the things I love best are just memories of spending summers at the family  log cabin on the Restigouche River in Quebec. We snootily called it ‘The Lodge’. It left me with a love of water, sunsets and playing outside.  It left me with memories of only good times, all the time.  I don't remember the times we were bratty until I look at some of the pix!  Oops.

All the fish belong to me. It's a rule.

 Never mind, we Canadians may have long and brutal winters (you have heard us complain) and slooooow springs, but our summers can really pay off.

So it makes me very happy to see yet another generation learning to enjoy swimming in lakes,

exploring evergreen woods and climbing the rocky outcrops called The Canadian Shield. Geologically interesting and perfect for picnics.

And naturally, they need to learn to fish.

 This is what happy memories are made of.  Let's hope there's still plenty of  unpaved places for their children and their children's place.

What’s special about summer for you and yours?  Do you hide indoors?  Do you like urban or suburban fun?   Or head for wide open spaces?  Let us know!  

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Here's one link!

Have fun in the sun, everyone.

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