Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Traveler or Homebody…

I’m getting ready to head out of town. It’ll be great, seeing something new and meeting up with my daughter and son-in-law but a part of me just wants to sit in my backyard and watch the flowers grow and yell at the deer for eating those flowers.

Travel keeps you my daughter would say. It makes you get your act together, plan, connect with the outside world, visit new places and have something new to talk about. I get that. I think of all the neat places I’ve been and love chatting with people who have been there too or sharing these neat memories with my kids.

Fact is, I have pics of those trips on one of my walls and love looking at it and thinking that I’m so lucky to have seen the Grand Canyon, Glacier National Park, Zion etc and have been there with my kids. The with the kids part is the most important part. That my kids still want to travel with me is a true blessing. I’m not 20 and keeping up with them is getting harder and harder.

But then there’s the stay at home part. There’s lots to do in Cincy esp in the summer. I hate leaving the cats, trying to get someone to water the flowers and the cats and cut the grass and generally take care of the place while I skedaddle off to another adventure.

So what about you? Home-body or traveler? Do you take every opportunity to get out of town to see something new? Or do you like to stay put and enjoy where you’re planted?

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