Monday, July 11, 2016


By Mary Kennedy                                              

 Would you like to make a terrific summer salad with all fresh ingredients, in just 10 minutes? Of course you would.

Here's a summer favorite of mine, and I bet your family will love it too.

The ingredients are so simple.

Start with a baguette, cute into one inch cubes and toasted in a skillet. You can use a smidgen of butter or just use Pam.                                      

Now take a nice bunch of fresh basil and chop 1/2 cup. Are you growing fresh basil this summer? You should, it's incredibly easy.  Hint: Always pick basil from the top, it makes it fuller, with more leaves. To chop basil, simply pick several leaves, stack them, roll them up like a cigar and start chopping. 


Now add a pint of cherry tomatoes, cut them in half. 


Now slice 8 ounces of mozzarella. Add to the basil and toasted bread. 

Toss gently with 1/3 cup balsamic dressing. Either from a bottle or home-made.
 See, I told you it was easy!! You can use cucumber instead of the toasted bread if you're watching carbs, but the toasted French bread is so good, you might want to stick to the original recipe.

Bon appetit!

Mary Kennedy


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